Self Organising Backhaul

GDS Technologies in South Africa offers ground breaking small cell microwave backhaul solutions

The first self-organising small cell microwave backhaul

The challenge

Mobile data traffic continues to surge and network operators are struggling to meet capacity requirements. It’s having a noticeable impact on quality of service and ultimately customer retention.

Small cell networks are widely accepted as the way forward to deal with capacity problems. But a lack of satisfactory options for backhaul has been a key factor in slowing deployment down.

While existing wireless solutions meet some key requirements, they present practical challenges that increase operational costs to unfeasible levels for large-scale rollout.

A new approach: self-organising and optimising

GDS Technologies Offers New Solutions in Small Cell Microwave Backhaul SystemsIntroducing the world’s first small cell microwave backhaul system with self-organising capabilities. It’s the only solution that meets all key requirements for high capacity, reliability and low latency, with rapid deployment and simple, low-cost operation in a small, low-impact design.

Self-organising, self-healing links automatically reconfigure themselves to optimise performance across a resilient, multipoint-to-multipoint topology. Easy to scale, with no radio planning or alignment required as nodes are added, it delivers the lowest TCO for any small cell backhaul technology.

The system enables small cell deployment in a flexible, organic way as additional capacity is required, maintaining a quality of service that meets customer expectations.

Commercial deployments

ETSI-compliant and CE-marked, the first implementation of the technology is now taking place with China Mobile in one of the first deployments of small cells in China. CCS has also selected China for its manufacturing base to meet demand in what is expected to be the world’s largest market for small cell networks.

Contact GDS for more information on how we can assist in addressing your networks Small Cell Backhaul requirements.

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