GDS Technologies - Network Optimisation Through Cutting Edge Technology

Network Optimisation is a critical component in the effective management of  information systems. Information technology is growing at an exponential rate – with more and more applications consuming greater amount of network bandwidth as well as business users producing larger volumes of data from these applications (which in a majority of cases has to flow through the corporate network). This continued growth adds to the strain of an already over-stressed network architecture within an organisation.

Network Optimisation starts at the individual workstation and winds its way to the server farm until it is shipped out onto the Internet or disseminated through the local area network (LAN). Tools in the form of software and hardware can go a long way to increase efficiency without compromising either security or data integrity. However, these tools on their own are of little value without organisations taking a real hard and serious look at their application estates and determining which applications could be consolidated, re-engineered (to reduce their data and network bandwidth footprints), replaced or even retired. Additionally, organisations need to scrutinise internal processes and, where necessary, update, re-design or even create new ones so that the people managing and using the network resources within the organisation are doing so more efficiently.

GDS Technologies offers critical solutions to implement Network Optimisation. Some of these solutions include –

  1. Wi-max Optimisation
  2. CDMA Optimisation
  3. Satellite Optimisation
  4. Terrestrial TV Optimisation
  5. Mobile TV Optimisation
  6. RF Optimisation

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